How Our Granada Hills Bail Bonds Company Can Help You

When an individual has been arrested, they will be conveyed to a nearby law enforcement station. Here they are booked and processed. Fingerprints and photographs are taken, and they are entered into the system. During this time, they will also forfeit any and all personal belongings. The only phone call they get to make, will be of the highest importance. This is the only time they will be able to request assistance, so it is vital to take down certain information, if you are the person contacted.

Information You Should Get:

  • The defendant’s full legal name

  • What they were arrested for (If possible)

  • Where they were arrested

  • Where they are currently being held

This information will assist our bail bonds company in determining the amount of bail, and to get the release process underway faster. It is also a good idea at this time, to ask whether there is anyone else they need contacted and even if there are any pets or children that may need caring for until they are released.

Our firm will then require some paperwork to be filled out. This will detail the bail bonds fee, amount of the actual bail, as well as the terms and conditions that the defendant will be required to follow. The defendant will be required to attend each and every court date or bail will be forfeited, an arrest warrant issued, and they will find themselves back in custody. Should this happen, the defendant will never again be eligible for bail. It is therefore crucial that all terms and conditions are followed. Once the paperwork has been completed, our bail bonds company will organize the release of the defendant.

Being able to provide the assistance a defendant needs at the very time they need it most, is what sets our firm apart from the rest. No more having to wait until the office opens, or until after the weekend to have a defendant released. Granada Hills Bail Bonds can assist at any hour of the day, any day of the week.

If you or a family member has been arrested, contact us straight away on (818) 921-3128. We will be there for you right when you need us the most as our services are always available 24/7. You can also read more valuable information by visiting our website.